Friday, November 21, 2014


Arguing against the Ohio "heartbeat bill", State Representative Robert F. Hagan, D-Youngstown is quoted as saying " I did not put my hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible. "

And today, November 21, 2014 :
When reminded by Wolf Blitzer on CNN that President Obama had deported more immigrants than any other President, Sen. John McCain simply said " not true."
So Blitzer put the CNN staff to work and came up with this photo :

Friday, November 14, 2014


Poll: Good reviews for Obamacare coverage

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A majority of Americans give good reviews for insurance they recently acquired through government exchanges within the past year, a new poll shows.
With the second round of Obamacare enrollment set to begin on Saturday, 71 percent said their coverage through the exchanges was good or excellent, according to a Gallup poll released Friday. Another 19 percent said the coverage was fair, while 9 percent rated it poorly.
The pollster notes that these marks are comparable to all who have health insurance. However, those newly insured through the exchanges are more satisfied with the cost of health care — with 75 percent saying so — versus 61 percent of all insured respondents who said they were satisfied with the cost of health care.
A majority — 68 percent — who received insurance through the exchanges said they plan to renew their policy, while an additional 7 percent said they will look for a new policy, but through the exchanges.

The Gallup poll was conducted Oct. 22-Nov. 12 and surveyed 407 adults who were newly insured through a government health care exchange in 2014. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 6 percentage points.

Talk to Mr. Gallop if you don't believe me,


The fake controversy about Jonathan Gruber's claim to be the " Architect of the ACA " is explained by the following paragraph :

“Was he in the administration, was he in the Congress, did he draft provisions of the law?” said Chris Jennings, a health care consultant and former White House aide on health policy. “The answer to all those questions is no, so just by definition he was not the architect of the law. He wasn’t a member [of Congress], he wasn’t an elected leader, he wasn’t [a] staff member to those members, he was not a political or career appointee to the administration. He was a private consultant.”

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Obviously I can't just dream up something that is printed in " Politico "

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Wow, the number of jobs projected to be attributed to the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline just keeps growing and growing. Last year the proponents talked of 10,000 jobs. Today in the U.S. House Rep. Pete Sessions claimed that the pipeline would create 42,000 jobs. That's 42,000. I guess if we wait another year to start construction we will create 100,000 jobs. I wrote about this earlier this year. 
If you want to know the true figure of created jobs click the link.

For all of you that are tired of hearing about the job producing pipeline that the Republicans think can save the country with a lot of  jobs, read the following critique :

The construction of Keystone XL, which would generate 3,950 person-years of work according to the U.S. Department of State, has a job creation potential on par with building a shopping mall or the campus renovations the University of Oregon announced last week.
Moreover, after it's built, Keystone XL will only employ between 35 and 50 people — and some of those positions will be filled in Canada. That's a small fraction of the long-term employment benefits one could expect from a shopping mall.

While the Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline is not a national jobs creator, it would be a significant new source of climate pollution, adding 1.2 billion metric tons of carbon pollution to the atmosphere over its estimated lifespan. For that reason it fails the President's climate test and should be rejected.

Facts are really hard to disprove because they are, you guessed it, FACTS

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Today on C-Span during the "Washington Journal" segment, a Republican woman named Michelle from Birmingham, Alabama concluded her remarks about people getting "Obamacare for free" by stating that " because the President is black he has no content of character ! "
The moderator did not gasp as I did, but proceeded on to the next caller. Great restraint showed she !
I am speechless, simply speechless,

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Before the recent midterm election the airways were regurgitating the tired meme that President Obama had mishandled or underestimated the dire consequences of ISIS/ISIL and EBOLA. While I agree that the public face of those crises was not presented well, the actual processes of containment are precise and effective in the case of ISIS/ISIL and in the case of the Ebola crisis the main problem is fear itself.
Now only four days after the election and the right-wing fearmongers have moved on. They have decided to monger fear about the terrible scourge of immigration. Using the euphemism of "waving a red flag in front of a bull" they are warning the President not to take executive action on immigration because they want to come up with a plan in congress. "Let congressional action take its course" they say. 
Well hear me out ----- THEY HAVE BEEN SAYING THAT FOR 6 1/2 YEARS !
Now Boehner, Barrasso, McConnell and Cornyn INC. are hitting the airways lamenting that the President "just doesn't get it."
The President DOES get it. The proposal to fix the status of the "dreamers" was a part of his campaign in 2008 and has been a priority of his administration ever since.
Now comes the rejuvenated right-wing delusionists claiming an election mandate against OBAMA'S policies when the reality is that Republicans got only 15.5% of the registered voters to agree with them.
Of course the apathy of the electorate was appalling, but so too was the success of the Republican 
redistricting circus and the vile voter suppression across the nation.
This entire governing by revenge thing makes me tired ---

Friday, November 7, 2014


I was all set this morning to collect my observations of the Tuesday election and start pontificating, when I stumbled across a full six page spread about the new JAMES CANCER HOSPITAL in The Columbus Dispatch.
Touted to be the greatest, most advanced, most technologically capable cancer hospital in the world, it does have one anomaly noteworthy to expose.
Despite the fact that this is the year 2014, despite the fact that the hospital was designed by architects and engineers with the complete and constant collaboration of the top Physicians, Physicists, Psychiatrists and Scientists in the WORLD, and cost $750 MILLION, 
The stated reason is -- a reflection of the "UNLUCKINESS" often associated with the number.
Please save us from the superstitious ignoramus bureaucrat that made this decision.
How can I possibly trust my cancers to people that believe in superstition and luck ?
I did not make this up, read it and weep.